Ann Radcliffe Academic Conference

The Second Annual Ann Radcliffe Academic Conference at StokerCon 2018

Photograph by Michele Brittany.

The Second Annual Ann Radcliffe Academic Conference will be presented at the Third Annual StokerCon, March 1 – 4, 2018 held at the historic Biltmore Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island ( We are pleased to announce here the full conference program, and we hope to see you in Providence!


Ann Radcliffe Academic Conference Schedule

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Panel 1: Gender Studies / 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

  • Bridget Keown, “The Symptoms of Possession: Gender, Trauma, and the Domestic in Novels of Demonic Possession”
  • Elsa Carruthers and Rhonda Joseph, “When We Are the Monsters: Female Monsters and the Subversion of Patriarchy”
  • Maya Thornton, “’1, 2 … Freddy’s Coming for You’: Freddy Krueger as Manifestation of Teenage Societal Anxieties”
  • Holly Newton, “Coming Out and Coming Home: Reading Silent Hill Homecoming’s Alex Shepherd as Queer”

Panel 2: Monster Studies, Eurasia / 11:45 AM – 1:15 PM

  • Emily Anctil, “‘Not a Bedtime Story’: Investigating Textual Interactions Between the Horror Genre and Children’s Picturebooks”
  • Naomi Borwein, “Monster Studies, Monster Anthropology, and Australian Aboriginal Horror Literature”
  • Frazer Lee, “Koji Suzuki’s Ring – A World Literary Perspective”
  • Amanda Trujillo, “Contagious Curses: Identifying the Characteristics and Origins of a Horror Trope”

Panel 3: Horror Studies / 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

  • Khara Lukancic, “Ethics in Horror Movies: An Analysis of The Bye Bye Man
  • Nicholas Diak, “Lost Nights and Dangerous Days: Unraveling the Relationship Between Stranger Things and Synthwave”
  • Daniel Holmes, “Horror, Terror, and the Homeric Uncanny”
  • Caitlin Duffy, “This Mansion of Gloom’: Visualizing Edgar Allan Poe’s Atmospheres of Horror

Panel 4: Myth and Monsters / 3:45 PM – 5:15 pm

  • Anthony Gambol, “The Genesis of Myth”
  • Mathias Clasen, “Fear for Your Life: Evolution and Horror Fiction”
  • Shawn Pendley, “Modal Confusion Meets Moral Insensibility in Fox’s Lucifer
  • Michele Brittany, “Mummies in Comics 101”

Friday, March 2, 2018

Panel 1: Gender Studies / 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

  • Deirdre Flood, “Under the Mask: Slasher Villains in Pre and Post 9/11 Horror”
  • Rocky Colavito, “Trans Fatal(e): Body Horror, Trans(un)fixion, and Walter Hill’s The Assignment
  • Jennifer Loring, “The Dark Heart of Human Nature: The Necessity of Extreme Horror”
  • Johnny Murray, “’Gelatinous Green Immensity’: The Sublime – Grotesque in Weird Fiction”

Panel 2: Gothic, Folklore & Villains / 11:45 AM – 1:15 PM

  • Danny Rhodes, “’When the Cage Came Up There Was Something Crouched A-Top of It’: The Haunted Tales of LTC Rolt – A Contextual Analysis”
  • Michelle Reinstatler, “Western Culture’s Adversarial Relationship with the Revenant: Tragedy and the Haunted in Dead Crossroads
  • Erica McCrystal, “Jekyll and Hyde Everywhere: Inconsistency and Disparity in the Real World”
  • Renee DeCamillis, “The Power of Sympathetic Villains of Literature and Screen Pulses Through Music”

 Panel 3: Zombies, Ghouls and Other Monsters / 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

  • Michael Torresgrossa, “Arthurian Monster Mash: The Undead in Camelot from The Awntys off Arthure to the Fiction of Today”
  • Kevin J. Wetmore, Jr., “Night of the Living Dead, or Endgame: Samuel Beckett and Zombies”
  • Kent Pettit, “Medieval and Modern Godfathers of Ghouls: William of Newburgh and George A. Romero as Subversive Sages for Turbulent Times”
  • Allison Budaj, “Melancholy and The Walking Dead

Panel 4: 20th Century Horror Literature / 3:45 PM – 5:15 PM

  • John Tibbetts, “The Mystery of Marjorie Bowen”
  • Adam Crowley, “Roadway to Hell: The Divided Line and the Concept of Evil in H.P. Lovecraft’s The Colour Out of Space
  • Gavin Hurley, “Richard Laymon’s Rhetorical Style: Minimalism, Suspense, and Negative Space”
  • James Anderson, “Four Quadrants of Success: The Metalinguistics of Author Protagonists in the Fiction of Stephen King”


Organizing Co-Chairs

Michele Brittany & Nicholas Diak



About the Ann Radcliffe Conference and Stokercon

The Ann Radcliffe Academic Conference is part of the Horror Writers Association’s Outreach Program. Membership to the Horror Writers Association is not required to submit or present, however registration to StokerCon 2018 is required to present. StokerCon registration can be obtained by going to There is no additional registration or fees for the Ann Radcliffe Academic Conference outside StokerCon registration. If interested in applying to the Horror Writer’s Association as an academic member, please see .

StokerCon is the annual convention hosted by the Horror Writers Association wherein the Bram Stoker Awards for superior achievement in horror writing are awarded.