Author Readings and Signings

The Stoker Con 2018 Convention Committee is pleased to announce our schedule of author readings!

Each reading block will run 50 minutes. All readings will take place in L’Apogee on the 17th Floor of the Biltmore Hotel. Following each reading, authors are invited to the autographing table in the Dealers Room, sponsored by Broad Universe, to sign books and answer additional questions.

Days and times posted here are subject to change. Please check for updates at the convention. Questions or comments may be sent to Stoker Con’s reading coordinator, Kathleen Scheiner, or to James Chambers.



Reading Block Time Author
Block 1 4 p.m. Cory Cone
Larry Hinkle
Trisha Woolridge
Block 2 5 p.m. Ed Kurtz
Gregory Bastianelli
Theresa Braun
Block 3 6 p.m. Brian Matthews
Dan Rabarts
Lee Murray


Reading Block Time Author
Block 4 10 a.m. Frazer Lee
Heather Herrman
Patrick Frievald
Block 5 11 a.m. Randy D. Rubin
Scott Edelman
Sara Tantlinger
Block 6 12 p.m Caitlin R. Kiernan
Ramsey Campbell
Ellen Datlow, signing only @ 1 p.m.
Block 7 1 p.m. Tim Waggoner
Meghan Arcuri-Moran
J.H. Moncrieff
Michael Bailey, signing only @ 2 p.m.
Block 8 2 p.m. JF Dubeau
Carol Gyzander
Teel James Glenn
Block 9 3 p.m. Erik T. Johnson
Linda Addison
Larissa Glaser
Block 10 4 p.m. Paul Tremblay
S. Kay Nash
Alan Baxter
Block 11 5 p.m. Kathleen Kaufman
E.A. Black
Pamela K. Kinney
Block 12 6 p.m. VictorLaValle
John Edward Lawson


Reading Block Time Author
Block 13 10 a.m. Nathan Carson
Karen Bovenmyer
James Dorr
Block 14 11 a.m. Thomas F. Monteleone
Megan Hart
Bracken MacLeod
Block 15 12 p.m Michele Brittany
Matt Bechtel
Kameryn James
Block 16 1 p.m. Jeff Strand
David E. Cowen
Michael Arnzen
Block 17 2 p.m. Christopher Clark
Bryan Nowak
Jonathan Thomas
Block 18 3 p.m. Craig Engler
Sam Weller
Patrick McGrath, signing only @ 3 p.m.
Block 19 4 p.m. Marc Abbott
Gwendolyn Kiste
John F.D. Taff
Block 20 5 p.m. Trevor Firetog
Adam Cesare
Mary Ann Back


Reading Block Time Author
Block 21 10 a.m. Darrell Schweitzer
Nicole Cushing
Chad Stroup
Block 22 11 a.m. Barry Lee Dejasu
Edward Ahern
Dacre Stoker