February 16, 2018

2017 Mentor of the Year Award Winner – ANGEL LEIGH McCOY

Mentor of the Year Award – ANGEL LEIGH McCOY

The Mentor of the Year Award was established in 2016 to recognize a writer who has offered extraordinary service to the Horror Writers Association’s Mentor Program, which pairs newer writers with more established writers. Mentors work with their mentees on developing their craft and their business, in the interest of assisting writers in establishing careers. Previous recipients of the award are Tim Waggoner and Linda Addison.

The year, the Mentor Program Chair has chosen Angel Leigh McCoy as the 2017 Mentor of the Year.

Angel Leigh McCoy is a writer, audiobook narrator, editor, video game designer, and the HWA webmaster. Her novelette, “Charlie Darwin, or the Trine of 1809” was published by Nevermet Press, and she has had short stories appear in Strange Aeons, Necrotic Tissue, and “Ravens in the Library” by QuietThunder. As a game writer, she has worked on Guild Wars 2, various Microsoft game projects, White Wolf’s World of Darkness, and Forgotten Realms… among many others. It’s tough to fit a twenty-five-year career into a single paragraph. Must save room to mention the cats (Boo, Simon, and Lappyloo) who make her world cozy.